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Rated as one of the top astrologers on the Internet, Selene graciously contributes her expert monthly horoscopes to all of us here at Twilight Psychics. Selene is also one of the top psychics on Psychic Web. She has been working on Psychic Web since July of 2002 and has been with Psychic Access since August of 2005. She travels regularly in the Western US, appearing at psychic fairs and expos. Selene is a wise and compassionate Virgo with a good sense of humor.

April  2019  Highlights

We enter the month on the wings of Mercury retrograde in mystical Pisces. Communication will still be a little hazy until Mercury direct passes his shadow point on the18th. 3 outer planets begin their yearly retrograde periods during April so expect to buckle down and get serious about what you initiate over the next few months. Jupiter retrogrades in Sagittarius from the 10th until August 11th. Be realistic about what you want and how you will accomplish your goals. You can rely on your luck but help it along by taking action. Transformational Pluto stations retrograde on the 24th through October 2/3rd followed by Saturn in productive Capricorn on the 29th until September 18th. This is the beginning of the alignment of Saturn and Pluto which will be exact late in 2020. We are within that orb now so this is a preview. Intuition is amplified from the 1st-3rd as Mercury conjoins Neptune. Let go of illusion during the dark of the Moon and get ready for making your wish list with the New Moon in Aries on the 5th. This strongest New Moon of the year is ideal for setting intentions and initiating positive changes with spirit and determination. Mercury's sextile to Saturn on the 7th brings tangible results if you do your homework. Lovely Venus kisses Neptune in his own sign Pisces from the 8th-10th. Relationships can be confusing but issues can be worked out. The 10th will be a busy day that keeps you on your toes as the Sun squares Saturn, Jupiter stations retrograde and Mercury in Aries sextiles Pluto. Mercury squares Jupiter and Venus sextiles Saturn on the 12th. Keep your ego in check as the Sun squares Pluto on the 13th. Relationships can warm up as Venus moves into Aries, as the Sun enters her co-ruler, Taurus on the 20th. Mercury enters quick tempered Aries on the 17th, crossing the shadow of his retrograde phase on the 18th. Communication will feel more urgent now. Be clear but be kind. The Full Moon in Libra on the 19th brings a strong urge to get things done. Anything that needs to be dealt with will come to the surface now as you strive to bring greater balance to your life and relationships. Uranus makes his yearly conjunction to the Sun on the 22nd, as we celebrate Earth Day. Be mindful of what you can do on a personal level to reduce your carbon footprint. Expect there to be protests and demands to protect the environment today. Mighty Pluto stations retrograde on the 24th, we'll explore how we want to transform our lives during this transit. Mars in Gemini squares Neptune on the 27th, be careful working with computers and other machinery now. Saturn in Capricorn, his own sign, joins Pluto as he stations retrograde on the 29th. Hard work can be rewarded but sticking with it to finish up is necessary. Read the forecast for your Sun, Ascendant and Moon signs (if known) for more specific personal insight into this month's energies.

Aries   March 21st - April 20th

You will shine with the Sun for most of the month as he transits your solar 1st house of self. Mars, your ruling planet, transits your solar 3rd house of communication, be willing to listen to others and pay attention to what they are saying. Be careful driving or walking this month as the 3 planets going retrograde could cause minor accidents. The New Moon in your sign brings your personal needs and desires to the surface. Plant seeds for what you want to create with this powerful lunation. Find time for yourself for relaxation and being alone this month. Travel plans beckon you after Mercury enters your sign. The Full Moon in Libra challenges you to work through conflicting opinions and create more balance in your primary relationships.

Taurus   April 21st - May 20th

The Sun transits your solar 12th house of the subconscious before entering your sign. With Uranus settling into your solar 1st house of self for several years, you will surely see unexpected changes during this transit. The Aries New Moon expands your levels of spiritual information through spending quiet time alone. Be kind to others as you release their drama. Meditation, reading, healing and self-nurturance should at the top of your list. Be wise with your financial resources this month. The Full Moon in Libra puts the focus on how you are feeling physically and about your job. This is a good time to embrace what you really want to bring in to create a more solid foundation. The Sun in your sign begins your birthday month. Ask for happiness and peace of mind. If you remain centered this can be an exceptional year for you.

Gemini   May 21st - June 21st

This will be quite a busy season with Mars in your sign until mid-May. You will remain very active during this transit. The Aries New Moon is the most powerful New Moon of the year, harness this energy of a new cycle starting and call in what you really want to manifest. Mercury, your ruling planet, is in Pisces until the 17th. Visualize a new job or advancement with the current employer. Mercury in Aries places your attention on your social life and future goals. Be willing to compromise during retrograde cycles over the next few months. The Libra Full Moon is a turning point for you in relationships. You may feel on the brink of a big change and feel restless to try something new. Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius will contribute to expansion in a personal connection.

Cancer   June 22nd - July 22nd

The powerful New Moon in Aries conjoin Neptune will trigger a vision of your career direction and what it will take to accomplish more this year. Utilize this Cardinal Fire energy to open a portal that will bring about emotional healing. Jupiter retrograde could bring health concerns or weight gain, work on expanding consciousness instead. Finances will be highlighted as Mars transits your money sector. Pay bills on time and make sure everything is up to date. Be patient and just go about your business this month. The Libra Full Moon will set off emotions and could feel a little overwhelming. Keep in balance and speak your truth without letting your equilibrium be upset by the drama of those around you. Pluto retrograde will impact relationships and create issues around commitment.

Leo   July 23rd - August 22nd

Mars in Gemini adds energy to your goals. The Aries New Moon inspires you to set new intentions regarding business and creativity as it transits your solar house of shared resources. Jupiter retrograde may be a testy phase for you as health concerns and financial issues could come to the surface. Keep your appetite under control and take good care of yourself as Uranus in Taurus brings changes to business and investments. Sun in Taurus can bring new contacts that will enrich your opportunities. The Full Moon in Libra could upset the balance by intensifying current problems. You may feel uncertain at this time but this lunation will bring things to a head so you can make decisions. Remain calm and the answers will unfold.

Virgo   August 23rd - September 22nd

You are reconsidering relationships as Mercury, your ruling planet transits Pisces. There's a strong desire to be happier and to break the patterns of the past. Your relationship with yourself will improve this month. The Aries New Moon is a great time for setting new intentions regarding joint finances and shared resources. Review family finances and take care of taxes and insurance issues. Protecting your health is important now too, your system is sensitive, pay attention to the signals your body is sending you. Jupiter retrograde can slow things down with money, use your resources wisely. The Full Moon in Libra sheds further light on finances, come to an agreement with your mate or partner regarding budgeting and daily expenses. Pluto and Saturn retrograde in Capricorn will help with tightening your belt and getting serious about your next steps.

Libra   September 23rd - October 23rd

Venus, your ruling planet is in Pisces the first 19 days of the month. You may feel more sensitive and emotional at this time. Your intuition is strong so pay attention to it. The New Moon in Aries brings opportunity to make a fresh start in relationships by reconciling differences through clear communication. Jupiter retrogrades in your solar 3rd house, electrical or computer issues could come up over the next four months, back up your files. The emotional Full Moon in your sign could bring up a whirlwind of feelings. Set boundaries and stand up for yourself so you can come to new levels of agreement about how to proceed. Some time alone will help you balance your emotions. Venus in Aries along with Sun in Taurus energizes you and allows you to make relationships your priority so you can break old patterns that no longer work.

Scorpio   October 24th - November 21st

Mars, your co-ruler is in Gemini until mid-May activating you solar 8th house of shared resources. The New Moon in Aries is a great time to commit to your health and fitness regime. Be mindful of your thought patterns as the intentions you set will grow roots. You are working on more stability in your life, communicate with your partner rather than carrying a grudge. Jupiter retrograde transits your solar 2nd house of money. Be mindful of your spending and make sure bills, insurance and taxes are up to date. Stress can be a factor as you feel under pressure; exercise, meditation and deep breathing will help to keep your body healthy. The Full Moon in Libra can bring more stress from emotional confrontations. Pluto retrograde can burnish resentment, transform and release old stuck emotions.

Sagittarius   November 22nd - December 21st

You see this as a time to evaluate and re-create the life you envision for yourself. The Aries New Moon fills you with optimism and hope for the future. You feel ready to run with the new paradigm and look forward to the shifts coming up. Your master plan will slow down a bit as Jupiter in your sign stations retrograde on the 10th. Your focus will be on producing a more solid foundation during these retrograde phases over the next few months. Your finances could slow down with both Pluto and Saturn retrograde in your solar 2nd house of money. Careful planning to make the most of your resources will insure all your needs are met. The Libra Full Moon shows you the truth about long term relationships in a new light.

Capricorn   December 22nd - January 19th

Your home, family and security issues are most important to you during Sun in Aries. With Saturn and Pluto conjoin in your sign and turning retrograde the last week of April, you will come up with a new plan to shift the dynamics in your life to create more happiness. Purpose and meaning are more important to you than material things. You may pare down your belongings or contemplate a move. Life could look and feel much different by the time these planets go direct. The Aries New Moon compels you to look towards the future and see what really needs to shift. Consider your health both mental and physical, pledge to take better care of yourself. The Libra Full Moon brings emotions to a turning point. Be willing to communicate clearly for best results.

Aquarius   January 20th - February 18th

Your ruling planet, Uranus, has entered fixed Earth Taurus where he will remain until 2026. Changes occur that affect your home and family life with a move or remodel. The Aries New Moon could bring an issue in your neighborhood or family out into the light. This lunation could enhance your intuition and perceptions. Be prepared to roll with the momentum that is building in your life now. Your focus shifts to your home and getting past obstacles that have kept your stagnant. You feel ready for adventure and new experiences as the Sun enters Taurus. Take your time if you are considering a major change, choose wisely as this will impact your life for years to come. The Libra Full Moon transits your solar 9th house of education and travel. Information will be revealed during this lunar cycle.

Pisces   February 19th - March 20th

Neptune, your ruling planet enhances your sensitivity and psychic ability as he continues to move forward in your sign. The Aries New Moon transits your solar 2nd house of money. This is an opportune window to work on your prosperity consciousness and abilities to manifest. Go with the flow as Jupiter retrograde forms a square or 90 angle. Being patient and moving slowly forward will take you much further than trying to force the issue before it is right for you. Stay positive during Sun in Taurus time as it forms a sweet sextile to your Sun. The Full Moon in Libra illuminates the need for managing your resources and keeping enough in reserve for yourself. Pluto retrograde brings in emotional turmoil but you will get much tougher as this transit progresses.

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